Bail set at $10k for Sandoval man accused of forcing his way into a home

MARION COUNTY — Bail was set at $10,000 Wednesday for a 34-year-old Sandoval man accused of forcing his way into a home in Sandoval Tuesday afternoon.

Gerald Murphy Jr., was arrested by Marion County Sheriff’s deputies for alleged home invasion, aggravated assault, and criminal damage to property. However, he was formally charged Wednesday in Marion County court with Class 4 felony criminal trespass to a residence.

Reports indicate Murphy was looking for a woman at a home in Colonial Estates and forced his way into the mobile home. The woman he was looking for was reportedly not present.

Occupants in the home managed to push him back out of the home before he reportedly stabbed a tire with a knife he was carrying. He then allegedly went after two people outside the home, and then left the area on foot.

People at the home reportedly followed Murphy in a car and were able to give sheriff’s deputies his location when they arrived.

Deputies reportedly had to draw their tazers to secure Murphy’s arrest, as he allegedly was uncooperative.