GOP leader says lawmakers calling to make Chicago its own state are “playing a game”

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — House GOP Leader Jim Durkin, whose caucus includes six downstate lawmakers who are co-sponsoring a resolution to make Chicago its own state, doesn’t put much stock in the idea.

Rep. Jim Durkin
(Source: ILGA)

Durkin told reporters last week at the Illinois State Fair’s Republican Day that those members have “interesting ideas” and if it works in their districts then “good for them. But we know that’s not a possibility.”

When asked if the idea of making Chicago its own state would damage Illinois, the Republican leader said that “If (there) was ever a chance that it could happen, it would be [damaging], but this is just political rhetoric by some members. I don’t put much stock into it and nor does anybody else.”

Asked if the lawmakers are playing a game, Durkin said: “I think they’re playing the game of re-election in an arena where it sounds good.”