Box Office Results 11/16

New movies for the weekend of 11/16 included the second installment of Fantastic Beasts with The Crimes of Grindelwald. We also had Instant Family, and Widows, which both looked pretty promising. The Crimes of Grindelwald won the box office, making $62.2 million. Instant Family is in fourth place with $14.7 million. And Widows made 12.3…read more

Box Office Results Weekend of 11/9

The Grinch was #1 at the box office this past weekend, blowing past Bohemian Rhapsody’s opening and making $66 million. Our second movie Overlord that had really good scores from Rotten Tomatoes, is third on the top ten, making $10.1 million on its first weekend. The Girl in the Spider’s Web really didn’t do hot,…read more

Box Office Results Weekend of 11/2

Our three new movies grabbed the top three spots in the box office Bohemian Rhapsody made $50 million during its first weekend, making it the #1 movie at the box office. The Nutcracker and The Four Realms came in at #2, making $20 million. And finally Nobody’s Fool takes third with $14 more

Did We Ever Find Out Why the Rum Is Gone?

Pirates of the Caribbean is going to be rebooted!  But will it be the same without its main character, Jack Sparrow?  Er, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.  Johnny Depp has been “axed” from the franchise and “won’t appear in the reboot”.  That’s what he gets for drinking all the rum… Deadpool and Zombieland writers are reportedly writing…read more

Guardians 3 Postponed, But…

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was supposed to be released in 2020.  But, director James Gunn was dismissed, and now the movie may not be done until 2021. So what will Chris Pratt do while he waits?  Surely he doesn’t have anything better to do (lol) than a new movie!  Looks like he will quite…read more

Sandra Bullock: Bird Box

Sandra Bullock will be appearing in a horror movie on Netflix this December!! (December 21st to be exact). But it’s a lot like A Quiet Place.  So, in A Quiet Place they have to be super quiet or some crazy creatures comes and takes them away and kills them. In Bird Box, an evil entity shows up, and…read more

J.K. Rowling Defends Johnny Depp

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is happening later this year, and some fans are upset about Johnny Depp’s casting.  Depp was accused of domestic abuse of his ex-wife, and people still hold it against him.  Depp maintains that he is innocent, and J.K. Rowling fully supports him.  Rowling is quote, “genuinely happy” that he…read more