Fan’s Mom Bites Paramedic at Concert

Fan’s Mom Bites Paramedic at Concert

The mother of a One Direction fan had a very scary moment when she fell at one of the band’s concerts in Manchester. However, her reaction to the incident might be even more unexpected.

According to the Mirror, 27-year-old Kerry Anne Wilde took her daughter to the May 30 show when she hit her head, requiring medical attention. However, as paramedics attempted to help her, Wilde reportedly bit one of them on the shoulder!

Wilde allegedly admitted to the assault at the Manchester Magistrates Court. Her sentence required her to spend 12 weeks in prison, with a one-year suspended sentence, and to compensate the victim with a fee of £200 (roughly $314.16). In cases of suspended sentences, if the defendant does not commit a crime in the period determined, a judge is likely to dismiss the jail time.

“I hope this incident has acted as a sobering warning for Wilde, who not only failed in her duty as a role model in front of her daughter, but who inexcusably bit a paramedic who was just trying to help her,” Detective Constable Dave Berry said (quote via the Mirror). “The NHS takes a zero tolerance approach to abuse and assaults on its staff, a stance fully supported by the police and we will work with all partners to ensure anyone who attacks members of the emergency services is brought to justice.”

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