Gaga and Bennett Perform ‘Winter Wonderland’  [VIDEO]

Gaga and Bennett Perform ‘Winter Wonderland’ [VIDEO]

Ever since the release of their collaborative effort ‘Cheek to Cheek,’ we knew the two were fantastic duet partners, so when we heard they would be performing at the annual ‘Christmas in Rockefeller Center’ tree lighting special we knew it would be something to look forward to. We definitely weren’t wrong!

Gaga and Tony teamed up to perform the holiday classic ‘Winter Wonderland’ with a full orchestra behind them. Lady Gaga was totally dressed for the occasion in a super low-cut white gown, complete with a fuzzy white hat. We have serious respect for anyone who can stand out in the bitter cold like that, with any amount of skin exposed and make it look so easy. If we didn’t know better we would think she was performing in Miami.

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