Bail set at $50k for Vernon man facing meth charges

Seth LambertSALEM — A 37-year-old Vernon man has been formally charged in Marion County court Thursday morning with meth related felonies, while the man who was riding in the vehicle with him at the time of his arrest has been released without charge.

Seth Lambert was arrested early Wednesday morning, after Marion County Sheriff’s deputies had been watching his vehicle as it left the residence of his passenger, 56-year-old Bruce Reynolds and performed a traffic stop.

After the Marion County K-9 alerted on the vehicle, a search was performed, with meth, cannabis, and chemicals used in the manufacture of meth were allegedly found.

Both men were arrested, but Reynolds was ultimately released without charge. Lambert, however, was formally charged in Marion County court Thursday morning with Class 2 felony possession of meth manufacturing material and Class 3 felony possession of less than 5 grams of meth. His bail has been set at $50,000 and he has been appointed a public defender.

A Centralia resident reportedly informed deputies who were working the traffic stop that Lambert had asked her to keep a working meth lab at her home.

She reportedly told the deputies that she didn’t want the lab in her home and threw it out on Brick Hill Road east of Central City.

The State Police Meth Response Team responded and cleaned up both the car and the tossed meth lab after the woman led law enforcement to its location.