New treasurer issues order banning political activity on state time

SMike FrerichsPRINGFIELD — Echoing one of his campaign promises, Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs has issued an executive order gainst political activity on state time.

Frerichs says he will not accept campaign contributions from treasurer’s office employees, nor will he tolerate anybody doing political work.

Frerichs’ predecessor, Dan Rutherford, faced a lawsuit alleging he tried to shake down employees for campaign help or sexual favors. Rutherford, who denied the allegations, was in a four-man primary race for governor at the time, finished last, and ended his term quietly.

Frerichs said their job, when they are being paid by the state, is to do the state’s business. He defines that as “doing something every day to make sure they are improving and strengthening the middle class.

He added that he believes when America has a strong middle class, the entire country succeeds and does better.