Second Marion County drug sweep nets 19 arrests

The drug sweep continued Friday in Marion County, with multiple agencies spreading across the county to arrest nearly 20 individuals on methamphetamine related charges.

Additional arrests are anticipated, but 19 individuals were arrested Friday, with 15 of those charged with the delivery of meth precursors.

Those arrested include 27-year-old Andrew Barringer, 33-year-old Michael Hallam, 28-year-old Tiffany Organ, 51-year-old Cynthia Parkus, 26-year-old Jessica Williams, 25-year-old Amy Skibinski, and 35-year-old Matthew Unsell, all of Salem;

49-year-old Scotty Austin, and 19-year-old Jessica Scott, both of Sandoval; 56-year-old John Holzhauer, 23-year-old Preston Owens and 22-year-old Jeremy Woodward, all of Alma; and 26-year-old Jessie Johnson, 37-year-old Timothy Ramsey, and 40-year-old Cory Simpson, all of Odin.


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Bail for those 15 was set at $15,000 each, while three others charged with meth conspiracy had bail set at $25,000 each.

Those three include 27-year-old Anthony Bushue, of Salem, charged with three counts meth conspiracy; 24-year-old Michael Hall, of Salem, and 47-year-old Wallace Kaufman, of Sandoval, both charged with two counts each meth conspiracy.

Bail was set at $50,000 for 34-year-old Curtis Scott, of Sandoval. Scott is charged with 10 counts meth conspiracy.

Additional charges could be pending after other illegal items, such as heroin were found on some of those arrested Friday.

Four teams consisting of 30 officers served Friday’s warrants, they came from agencies including the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, U.S. Marshals Service, State Police Methamhetamine Response Unit along with Salem, Centralia, Wamac, Sandoval, Alma, Kinmundy and Iuka police departments.

Friday’s arrests come just over a week after 16 individuals were arrested in an earlier drug sweep through Marion County. Additional arrests and charges came later in the week, with some of those individuals appearing on those charges Friday morning in U.S. Federal Court in East St. Louis.