St. Mary’s opens warming centers during cold snap

MOUNT VERNON — New research shows your mom was on to something when she asked you to put on a hat to avoid a cold. While cold weather doesn’t cause illness, new data shows your immune system is not as robust when temperatures plummet. And if you’re exposed to a cold virus during that time, you’re more likely to get sick.

Knowing the importance of staying warm to stay healthy, St. Mary’s Hospital and Good Samaritan Regional Health Center are once again opening their doors to ensure local residents have a safe haven from the frigid winter temperatures.

Area residents seeking relief from the extreme weather are encouraged to make use of the heated public areas of the hospitals.

Mike Warren, President at Good Samaritan Regional Health Center, offers the warmth of the lounges on the 1st floor and the Café area at Good Samaritan Regional Health Center for the duration of the extreme cold.

As St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia, the warming areas are the main lobby, cafeteria and canteen. When the temperature and wind chill reach these excessive lows, it is very important to stay warm.

Extreme cold can be dangerous, these hospitals offer a warm, safe place to go until the cold breaks.