Katy Perry Speaks On Taylor Swift Fued

Katy Perry Speaks On Taylor Swift Fued

So it looks like Katy Perry won’t be adding Taylor Swift to her “Fave Five” anytime soon, and it is not only because that mobile option doesn’t exist anymore. For instance, If it existed, she still wouldn’t add her.

Katy Perry recently spoke out about her rumored feud with Taylor Swift. She said the following in an interview with Billboard: “If somebody is trying to defame my character, you’re going to hear about it,” she said in regard to the supposed feud.

Supposedly Taylor’s ’1989′ track, ‘Bad Blood,’ is believed to be about Katy Perry. (Though she never said who, Taylor revealed to Rolling Stone that the song was about a fellow pop star who tried to sabotage her arena tour.) This would completely go against the theory that Taylor Swift will always ‘Shake It Off”. After that interview, Katy subtweeted, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.” Since that social fun, Katy is rumored to have a new song ‘She’s So Creepy,’ which is supposedly about Taylor Swift (Sugarscape).

As for the song itself, Katy is apparently planning on re-releasing her album ‘Prism’ with three new tracks. One of them being the aforementioned, ‘She’s So Creepy’.

Can’t we all just get along? Actually, I am completely okay with two pop stars clashing. Maybe they will bring Celebrity Boxing back… Although you have to think that it wouldn’t be a long bout.