Lawmaker proposes cutting officholder pay by 10 percent

SPRINGFIELD (AP) — An Illinois lawmaker has introduced legislation that would cut the pay of elected officeholders by 10 percent.

Barrington Hills Republican David McSweeney says lawmakers need to “lead by example” as the state grapples with a multibillion-dollar budget hole stemming from the expiration of the state’s temporary income tax increase. The legislation would cut the salaries of the General Assembly’s 177 members and statewide constitutional officers after the next elections for their respective posts.

The bill could face a tough road in the Legislature. But McSweeney says implementing the legislation after future elections would adhere to a provision of the state constitution saying benefits won’t be diminished.

Lawmakers’ base salary is roughly $67,000. The salaries for the state’s constitutional officers range between $135,000 and $175,000.

Lawmakers in Illinois General Assembly are paid significantly more than those in neighboring states, and are the fifth highest paid in the country.