Marion County continues meth investigations and arrests

Terry HamburgMARION COUNTY — The Marion County Sheriff’s Department keeps delivering hits to the local illegal drug trade, making yet another meth arrest following months of investigation.

According to reports 25-year-old Centralia resident Terry Hamburg was arrested late Wednesday night and charged Thursday morning in Marion County court with Class 2 felony possession of less than 15 grams of meth precursors. Hamburg’s bail has been set at $25,000.

Deputy Kevin Cripps and Detective Ryan Castleman with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department say they had been watching Hamburg regarding purchases he’d made of pseudoephedrine as well as other caustic products dating back to February.

Hamburg, who is on probation from an earlier meth related conviction, reportedly admitted to deputies that he had purchased lye and approximately 60 boxes of pseudoephedrine. He said he most recently purchased pseudoephedrine pills a few days earlier at Walgreens in Centralia, without having a prescription as required by his probation.

Deputies believe he has purchased 40 boxes of pills, which convert to more than 58 grams of meth.

After telling deputies that he would test positive for heroin and meth, but that he no longer cooked meth, he said he sold the pills he bought at Walgreens to Ryan Jacklin and Chad Cutler for $50 after he met them in an alley near his Centralia residence.

Jacklin and Culter were arrested Monday and were formally charged Thursday morning with meth manufacturing and possession.

He was picked up in Walnut Hill with the help of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and brought to the Marion County Jail for questioning. He was also arrested on an outstanding Washington County warrant.