Rauner administration approves a partial list of medical marijuana licenses

SPRINGFIELD (AP) — Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration Monday announced who would be allowed to grow and sell medical marijuana in Illinois.

The governor’s general counsel announced 18 licenses would be awarded to growers, but the license available in Illinois State Police District 12 is being held pending further review.

District 12 includes the counties of Clark  Clay  Crawford  Cumberland  Effingham  Fayette  Jasper  Lawrence  Marion  Richland. Two applications were filed in District 12, one in Marion County for a location in Centralia and one in Clay County for a location in Flora.

Former Governor Pat Quinn had approved the Flora location, but did not release his list of approvals. Unconfirmed reports indicate a local lawmaker joined with others to file a petition opposing the planned location in Centralia. It was reportedly the only petition received by the governor’s office in opposition to a cultivation facility.

More than 1,000 jobs are expected to be created by the medical marijuana industry in Illinois, with more than 500 of those in communities with cultivation centers.

Of the 60 available distribution licenses, 52 have been awarded.

Quinn left office without awarding the licenses, angering both business people who had invested heavily to snare one of the potentially valuable licenses and people sick enough to qualify for medical marijuana.

Rauner’s general counsel, Jason Barclay, indicated in a statement that the Quinn administration’s review of the applications had at times failed to comply with the law and the decision process would have likely resulted in litigation and it wouldn’t have withstood judicial review.

A complete list of approved applications can be found here.