Lack of prosecution for sex crimes found in southern Illinois

A recent investigation by the Belleville News-Democrat has revealed a disturbing trend in Illinois’ 32 southern counties in which thousands of women, teenage girls and children reported they were sexually violated, but only a fraction of those

(Credit: wgmbh)
(Credit: wgmbh)

cases were prosecuted.

According to the investigation, authorities did not prosecute seven out of 10 sex crimes, even though victims were able to identify attackers 95 percent of the time.

The investigation found that off 6,744 felony sex crimes reported to police across the region, 70 percent, or 4,721 cases, never made it to a courtroom.

The overall chance that a felony sex crime suspect would go to prison was one in 10. When suspects were prosecuted, the conviction rates generally ranged from 55 to 85 percent.

According to the investigation, the rate for failure to prosecute in Marion County was 56 percent, Clinton County 50 percent, and in Jefferson County it was 85 percent. But Alexander County leads the region with a 91 percent rate for failure to prosecute.

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