Federal judge moves Rutherford case forward

CHICAGO (AP) — A federal judge has ruled allegations of sexual harassment against former Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford can go to trial over the objections of state lawyers.
U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow on Friday issued an order in Chicago denying the state’s attempt to dismiss the claims by former Rutherford employee Edmund Michalowski.
Michalowski’s allegations that Rutherford made unwanted sexual advances sunk the Republican Rutherford’s aspirations to be governor. He filed his lawsuit in February 2014, just weeks before Rutherford, a viable candidate, finished fourth in the GOP primary.
Dana Kurtz is Michalowski’s attorney. She said in a statement that her client is pleased by the decision and looks forward to telling his side in court.
A state spokeswoman says defense lawyers are pleased only one count remains.