Measure would require DUI offenders to have breathalizers in all vehicles

SPRINGFIELD — Legislation proposed by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White requiring Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices (BAIID) to be installed on all vehicles used by DUI offenders was approved today by the Illinois House of Representatives.

House Bill 1377 seeks to ensure BAIIDs are installed on all cars driven by DUI offenders – including rental cars – as opposed to only the vehicles they own. 
White’s legislation also calls for a BAIID indicator to be marked on the back of a driver’s license of those required to drive with a BAIID. 
Entities that rent or otherwise provide vehicles for transportation to the public are encouraged to check the backs of driver’s licenses before completing a transaction.
If the BAIID indicator is present on the license, a BAIID must be installed before the user may gain access to the vehicle.