Inmates riot at youth correctional facility in Kewanee

KEWANEE (AP) — The union representing officers at the Illinois Youth Center in Kewanee says a group of inmates on Saturday kicked out windows and used glass shards to threaten officers.
Anders Lindall of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees said Monday that 17 inmates aged 18 to 21 began the disturbance.
Lindall says a female officer was forced to flee her post “in fear for her personal safety.”
Veronica Vera is spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice. She confirmed authorities are “investigating the events over the weekend” at Kewanee.
But she would not comment further. She says it’s the agency’s policy not to comment on “sensitive” information regarding state youth facilities.
The youth center, about 150 miles southwest of Chicago, opened in 2001.