Student’s airplane makes emergency landing at Centralia Airport

CENTRALIA — The Centralia Fire Department responded to a call Monday morning at the local airport after a two-engine airplane made an emergency landing when its instruments indicated only two of its three landing wheels were down.
Reports indicate the plane was carrying a Chinese student pilot and an FAA instructor administering the student’s final exam.
Reportedly indicator lights indicated only two of the three landing wheels were down and the hydrolic pump for the landing gear wouldn’t shut off. After the pump was manually turned off, the indator lights reportedly stopped working.
After the plane made a pass over the airport, a visual inspection from the ground confirmed all wheels were in fact down and the plane made a safe landing.
Firefighters had aerial and pumper trucks prepared to respond, and two ambulances, along with Centralia police officers were also on hand.
The FAA instructor reported the student passed his exam.