FRANKLIN COUNTY — To help assist county coroners in their duties, state Rep. John Bradley, D-Marion, is cosponsoring House Bill 4054 to help form the Coroner Training Board, which will have the power to establish standards for Illinois coroners and improve annual training.
The forming of the board reportedly will not cost the state any money, and will use 25 percent of the Death Certificate Surcharge Fund to help train coroners and police officers in death investigations and costs related to training.
Franklin County Coroner Marty Leffler says this would be beneficial to coroners so that they have a say in the curriculum that is selected to train coroners.
Leffler added that the funding is already in place through the Death Certificate Surcharge Fund, and it would allow coroners to be able to use these funds to appropriately and properly select curriculum that would be beneficial in training coroners and serving the public.

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