Police foot chase crashes through a door, a fence and results in an arrest

ODIN — A 24-year-old Odin man was taken to the Marion County Jail Wednesday, following a foot chase with police that took out a garage door and a fence, and resulted in the Odin Police Chief suffering minor injuries.

According to Odin Police Chief Joe Nix, he was patrolling Wednesday when he noticed Billy Green and his step-father Rock Wright walking down the street carrying a flat screen TV.

Knowing Green had an outstanding Marion County warrant, Nix stopped to question the men, but Green walked into the house and fled through the back door.

Nix called for assistance, with Sandoval Police Chief Joe Lyons responding.

While in pursuit, Nix had to force open a garage door to gain access to the yard where he had spotted Green, with the two men ultimately running through a fence, resulting in Nix suffering several puncture wounds that later required aTetanus shot.

Lyons was then able to intercept Green at the rear of the second garage, pulling his Tazer and ordering Green to the ground.

Green was cuffed and taken to the Marion County Jail on the outstanding warrant.