Rauner approves $100 million in business tax credits

SPRINGFIELD (AP) –. Bruce Rauner’s administration is approving $100 million in business tax incentives while suspending more than $200 million in grants for social services and parks.
Crain’s Chicago Business reports the deals were set in motion by ex-Gov. Pat Quinn under the state’s Economic Development for a Growing Economy program.
Rauner spokeswoman Catherine Kelly said Thursday the commitments made by Quinn were allowed to continue “because they have no impact” on current-year spending.
The Republican governor suspended $26 million in health and social services grant awards last week in continuing efforts to trim a $1.6 billion current-budget deficit. He held up $180 million in park grants last month.
EDGE rewards companies creating new jobs. This round will go to eBay, Aldi Inc., Capital One and others.