Vernon man arrested after allegedly ramming ex-wife’s car

MARION COUNTY — A Friday night incident in Centralia landed a 41-year-old Vernon man in jail after he reportedly rammed a car several times that was being driven by his ex-wife.
According to reports, Brian K. Thompson and his ex-wife, Heidi Wynn, also of Vernon, had both stopped their vehicles in the BCMW parking lot on East Rexford and were arguing after Wynn’s vehicle had allegedly been sideswiped at a stop sign at Lincoln and Sadler.
Wynn reportedly told Centralia police she turned and attempted to drive away, but a flat tire on the driver’s side made steering difficult.
She said her car was then struck from the rear as she was stopped at Lincoln and Rexford, and as she attempted to flee, her car was struck again.
Thompson reportedly told police he was upset after he attempted to get Wynn to stop her car and she didn’t.
No injuries were reported, and Thompson was transported to the Marion County Jail, on charges of aggravated domestic battery, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle and reckless driving.
Thompson was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail for alleged aggravated domestic battery, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, and reckless driving.
Police report there were several witnesses to the incident, but Thompson was released from jail on Sunday.
Both Wynn and Thompson were hospitalized in 2013, following another alleged altercation during which Thompson was reportedly stabbed in the chest with a pocket knife and Wynn was reportedly struck in the head with a baseball bat.
After an investigation, no charges were filed against either party.