Justin Bieber Snapping Photos with BH Cops

Justin Bieber Snapping Photos with BH Cops

The cops get called on Justin Bieber enough you would  think by now he’d be on a first name basis with them, which would explain why the pop star posting picture with Beverly Hills Police Officer isn’t that surprising.

The BHPD say the Biebs was getting his Vitamin C fix at a Juice shop in BH when an officer walked in, saw him, and for a change wasn’t there for Justin.

Our friends at TMZ say the officer actually admitted to being a Belieber and JB insisted on taking a photo.

That’s definatly a 180! Back in Biebers B.H. condo days, in 2014, the police were concistatly called for loud parties. One night they came knocking 6 times.

Maybe Justin has turned a new leaf, changed from his old bad ways and has finally stopped being the bad boy of Hollywood. Only time will tell but in the meantime check out his newest music video!

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