Rauner: Stop ‘fair share’ fees for non-union teachers

SPRINGFIELD (AP) — Gov. Bruce Rauner says public school teachers who aren’t union members shouldn’t have to pay union fees — the same policy he’s tried to enforce among state government workers.

Rauner said Wednesday that teachers are not covered by his executive order lifting the state requirement that non-union members pay so-called “fair share” fees. The fees are intended to cover union activities that benefit all employees.

Rauner said the policy “should apply to teachers” but “we’ll deal with that later.” He declined to elaborate at an event sponsored by the Citizens Club of Springfield.

The Illinois Federation of Teachers and Illinois Education Association both criticized Rauner’s position and questioned its legality.

State employees have sued to stop Rauner’s order. He agreed to suspend withholding the fees while the issue is litigated.