Marion junior high closed due to armed standoff in the area


WILLIAMSON COUNTY — Authorities in Williamson County say the man who was involved in a standoff with police early this morning in Marion is dead.

They say around 3:30 a.m., 27-year-old Joshua Green opened fire at police as he was entering a building in the area around Main and Russell streets.

Then around 7:30, he came out of the building shooting at police and had a female hostage with him. Police shot back at Green and was killed. Illinois State Police has taken over the investigation and it continues.

Marion Junior High was closed today due to being near where the standoff happened. A couple of streets were also closed off during the standoff .

Original story:

WILLIAMSON COUNTY — Marion Police are reporting an armed standoff that began early Tuesday morning is now over, but Main Street remains closed between Russell and Vicksburg streets, while Russell Street has reopened.

Police are not releasing any details at this time, but we do know that police were called to the area of Russell and Main Streets around 3:30 Tuesday morning.

The suspect was armed and barricaded himself inside a building. Police were able to take some people out of the building safely. Gunfire was also reported, but it’s not known why that happened at this time.

Marion Junior High is closed today due to being close to the area where the standoff happened. We hope to have more details later this afternoon.