In light of the events surrounding the homicide of Taylor Clark, area law enforcement agencies are addressing growing concerns over online transactions.
According to Salem Police Chief Sean Reynolds, reminds residents in Salem and Marion County that the lobby of the Salem Police Department is open and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to complete transactions of online ad sales.
Reynolds says the service is an effort to weed out criminals trying to take advantage of, or harm, citizens of the community.
In Clinton County, Sherif’ Doug Maue asks that if you are purchasing or selling something to a person you do not know to please take the following precautions: let friends or family know where, when and who you are meeting regarding the sale.
If possible bring another adult with you to the meeting place and meet in a well lit and well traveled public area during daytime hours.
Maue’s office also invites you to make your transactions on the south or south/east side of the courthouse in Carlyle, as that area is under video surveillance and monitored by the staff at the Clinton County Sheriffs Office.
Other agencies are making similar offers to ensure the public’s safety when making transactions that could potentially be risky.

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