Swifty’s in Centralia and Salem to close their doors Monday

CENTRALIA — At approximately 11:30 Monday, the Swifty’s station in Centralia had only enough fuel for another hour or so of service, at which time it will close its doors. The Salem station only had about three hours of fuel left at the same time, and when out would be closing its doors, as both stations will be under new ownership on Tuesday.

Employees and management of both stations indicate the new owners have not indicated if they would be retaining any of the current employees, many of whom say they won’t be staying after the doors close Monday.

It’s unclear when, or if, the new owners intend to reopen the establishments, and if they intend to continue the same pump service that has traditionally been offered by Swifty’s.

The new owners have not only purchased the establishments in Centralia and Salem, but also the Swifty’s station in West Frankfort.