SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office is already preparing a contingency plan for a possible strike by state employees, following his release of a list of demands he’s presented the union.

(Source: Capitol Fax

The plan allows for a strike lasting two weeks, or four weeks, and lists the percentage of services that could still be performed at those durations, the service of those functions and the number and percentage of employees who would automatically be enjoined due to their job category, such as public safety employees.

The list, titled a “Contingency Preparation Assessment” also looks to determine the number of temp employees the state would need to hire PRE-STRIKE, and the number of temps, retirees or subcontracted employees needed in the event of a strike.

Rauner has said if the unions don’t agree to his list of demands, he’ll force a strike and shut down state government until they do.

Some union members, however, are looking to force Rauner into a lockout, rather than succumbing to his pressures to strike.

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