Ban on state worker strike, union lockout sent to Rauner

SPRINGFIELD (AP) — Illinois Democrats want to dampen what they call Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s anti-union rhetoric by banning public-employee strikes or management lockouts.

The Senate sent Rauner a measure Saturday that would resolve a contract-negotiation impasse with binding arbitration. There could be no strike or lockout once an arbitrator intervenes.

Democratic Sen. Don Harmon of Oak Park says Rauner is inviting a strike.

Rauner is demanding deep concessions from the state’s main employee union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The current contract expires June 30.

But Republicans say the legislation would give the power of deciding a state-worker contract in the middle of a budget crisis to an unelected outsider.

A 38-17 Senate vote and a 65-25-3 vote in the House sent the measure to Rauner’s desk. You can view how your lawmakers voted on the measure in the House here and in the Senate here.