SPRINGFIELD — One day remains in the 2015 spring legislative session for the Illinois General Assembly.
(Credit: Henryk Sadura)
(Credit: Henryk Sadura)

The main task remaining would be for lawmakers and the governor to reach an agreement toward a budget, although both the Democrat-controlled legislature passed a spending plan which – like the budget Gov. Bruce Rauner proposed in February – is billions of dollars out of balance.

Rauner Friday said he’ll know an agreement on a budget and his other priorities when he sees it but hasn’t said what will happen if there isn’t one.
Action Saturday included House passage of a pension bill meant to save millions of dollars for the city’s police and fire pension funds; House passage of a bill adding post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of illnesses covered by the state’s medical marijuana program; Senate passage of a civics education requirement in schools; Senate passage of a police reform package; and Senate passage of a bill meant to address the state’s heroin problem.
The House and Senate are expected in at noon Sunday.
SB 777 (pension) has passed the House, 65-45-2, and goes to the Senate.
HB 1 (heroin) has passed the Senate, 46-4-6, and goes to the governor.
SB 73 (PTSD) has passed the House, 68-36-7, and goes to the governor.
SB 1304 (police) has passed the Senate, 45-5-6, and goes to the governor.
HB 4025 (civics) has passed the Senate, 46-7-2, and goes to the governor.

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