Madigan says House will consider changes to workers’ comp system

SPRINGFIELD (AP) — Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan says the Illinois House will consider changes to the state’s workers’ compensation insurance system when it reconvenes Thursday.

Madigan put out a release Wednesday noting overhauling workers’ compensation is one of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s top priorities.

Madigan says considering the workers’ compensation legislation shows lawmakers are “willing to work with and compromise with Governor Rauner on any number of issues.”

Rauner spokesman Lance Trover says the administration hasn’t seen the bill and hopes it’s not what he called “more of Speaker Madigan’s phony reforms.”

Madigan has previously called votes on legislation mirroring Rauner’s proposals. Democrats resoundingly defeated them while Republicans called the votes “political theater.”

Rauner wants less costly workers’ compensation insurance, which he says would make Illinois more competitive. Madigan has said Rauner’s proposals would hurt working people.