Sen. Luechtefeld will not seek reelection, will retire in 2017

OKAWVILLE — Senator David Luechtefeld has announced he will not move from Okawville to the 58th district to seek reelection

Sen. David Luechtefeld (R-Okawville)
Sen. David Luechtefeld

in the district he has served for 20 years. The deadline of moving into the district to file as a candidate for the November 2016 election was June 1, 2015.

Through redistricting after the 2010 census, Okawville was put in 54th district. Luechtefeld was able to run one more time in the 58th district, in 2012.

The Senator said that he intends to serve the remainder of his term that ends in January 2017.

After that, he has no specific plans for retirement.

At age 74, Luechtefeld said that it “is time” to leave office when the term ends.