Labor union accuses Rauner of having “disregard for children”

SPRINGFIELD — A new report from a labor union which represents healthcare workers accuses the governor of having a “disregard for children.”

The SEIU Healthcare report is titled “Cutting Children out of Care and Into Poverty,” and claims the governor’s reductions in child care, early intervention, and after-school programs will prevent families from rising out of poverty.

Brynn Seibert, child care and early learning director for SEIU Healthcare, says growing up of poverty will affect a child’s entire life. “The unilateral and immoral cuts are not simply about fiscal year 2016,” Seibert said, “These are cuts that will have an impact on children, on families, and on communities for generations to come.”

Seibert uses the child care assistance program as an example of how cuts may keep families in poverty. An estimated 100,000 children from low-income families would lose the service under the governor’s budget, and Seibert says that may lead to parents having to leave their jobs to take care of their kids.