Heavy overnight rains leave flooded roadways in listening area

Heavy and sometimes violent overnight storms have left behind some downed tree limbs in the area, but more importantly they have left many area roads underwater this morning.

Marion County Sheriff’s deputies are turning people around on Highway 51 just south of Patoka as rainwater has come across the roadway. Low-lying areas of Route 161 east of Centralia also have some water across the roadway as does Irvington Road at Center Street.

In Fayette County, a bridge northwest of St. Elmo is underwater and the road is underwater with 3 feet of water on the roadway. There were reports last night and early this morning of several roads in the St. Elmo and Ramsey areas that were flooded.

Most low-lying roadways in the area prone to flooding also have water either across the roadway, or high levels of ponding. So, as you head out for your morning commute, slow down, and if you approach a roadway that has water across, turn around and find another route.

The National Weather Service has issued an urban and small stream flood advisory for Clinton County, Southern Marion, and Washington County until 9 a.m. A flood warning is in effect for North Marion, Southern Fayette and Bond County until 7:30 Monday morning.

Jefferson, Franklin, Jackson, Perry, Saline, Hamilton, Wayne and Williamson counties are under a flood advisory until noon Monday. Bond, Clay, Effingham and Fayette counties remain under a flash flood warning.