Missing airman due for Monday court-martial

SCOTT AFB — The U.S. Air Force is searching for a technical sergeant who disappeared last month from Scott Air Force Base, before he could be court-martial today for various crimes related to sexual abuse.
Source: U.S.A.F.
Source: U.S.A.F.

According to an alert released from the Office of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Technical Sgt. David Helm was last seen on base on May 29, when he told family and friends he was traveling to La Follette, Tenn., to visit his parents. He hasn’t been seen since.

Helm is believed to be traveling on his black Yamaha Fz8 motorcycle, with Illinois plates DM2809.

The Air Force has labeled the 35-year-old Helm a fugitive, and has confirmed that Helm was scheduled to face trial by court martial today for offenses including sexual assault, sexual abuse of a child, indecent filming or photographing of a private area of another person without consent and simple assault. No further information has yet been released regarding these charges.

Helm’s family and friends have set up a “Find David Helm” Facebook page, and fear he is in danger.

Helm is 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighs 180 pounds. He has brown eyes and dark brown and gray hair. Anyone with information on Helm or his whereabouts is asked to call the Air Force at 877-246-1453.