Cook County Jail guard convicted in attack on inmate

CHICAGO (AP) — A Cook County Jail guard is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of aggravated battery and official misconduct for attacking an inmate.

Judge Lawrence Flood handed down the verdict against 43-year-old Rico Palomino on Wednesday for an unprovoked attack on Rafael Aleman. The June 2012 incident was recorded by a security camera.

Palomino declined to comment after the verdict. However, he testified during trial he was defending himself from Aleman, who was being processed on a misdemeanor charge of violating an order of protection.

Prosecutors say Palomino struck the 23-year-old Aleman after he left a holding area to inquire about his inventoried property. A video shows Aleman did nothing to provoke Palomino.

A spokesman for Sheriff Tom Dart says the department will seek to fire Palomino, who was suspended without pay after the incident.