SPRINGFIELD (AP) — With the possibility of a partial state government shutdown on July 1, Democrat leaders in the General Assembly say they’re ready to send Governor Rauner the budget bills they’ve passed next week.

Illinois Democrats are sending Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner budget bills even as both sides remain deadlocked over a spending plan.

The House and Senate this week each sent two of nearly two dozen budget bills to Rauner’s desk. Senate President John Cullerton’s office says more will follow next week.

Rauner and Democrats, who control the Legislature, are at a budget impasse for the fiscal year beginning July 1. Democrats approved a plan that’s over $3 billion short of anticipated revenue. They want Rauner to OK a tax increase, but Rauner first wants other reforms.

Legislators are meeting in overtime sessions with few signs of progress.

A veto would all but guarantee a shutdown, but Rauner’s office says there’s still time for that to be avoided, though his spokesman doesn’t indicate any willingness to drop his insistence on non-budgetary conditions to a budget deal.

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