MARION COUNTY — Five people — including two children — were rescued Saturday night, when they attempted to drive across a flooded roadway in Marion County.
According to reports from the Iuka Fire Department, firefighters rescued five Kinmundy area residents from a car that had driven into high water on Bottom Road in the Skillet Creek Bottoms.
As firefighters first began rescuing the occupants, they found the vehicle was in waist-deep water and was still floating with water only up to the floorboards. However, the vehicle ultimately filled with water and sank.
Three of the vehicle’s occupants were able to walk through the water with help from rescuers, while the two children were carried out. The driver said she wasn’t familiar with the road and in the dark couldn’t tell how deep the water was on the road. Firefighters had to check multiple roads in the bottoms to locate the victims, as the driver was unsure of her location when she made the emergency call for help.
No injuries were reported, but the car is likely a total loss. Motorists are urged to continue using caution, as several rural roads remained flooded Sunday and additional rainfall is expected tonight, and for the remainder of the week.

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