Illinois prison population growing faster than state population

According to Census figures, Illinois’ prison population is growing at a faster rate than the state of Illinois itself.

The U.S. Census Bureau in 1990 counted 11.45 million people in Illinois, 27,500 of whom were incarcerated in state prisons.

By 2014, Illinois’ population had grown to 12.88 million and the prison population had grown to about 48,000, according to census and Illinois Department of Corrections figures. That’s a 12.5 percent growth rate for the state population and a 75 percent growth rate for the prison population.

Reboot Illinois says while both populations grew, the state’s total population did so at a more steady rate — until 2013, when it drops for the first time by about 10,000 people.

The Illinois population only grew 1.03 percent between 1992 and 1993, but the prison population grew by 9.02 percent. More recently, the Illinois population grew by .31 percent in 2010, while the prison population grew by 7.23 percent from 2009.