SPRINGFIELD — The chairman of the House Revenue & Finance Committee accused the governor’s office Tuesday afternoon of not telling the truth about internal office spending.

Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration has claimed its spending $500,000 a year less than Gov. Quinn spent on staffing the governor’s office. Rep. John Bradley, however, said his research shows that Rauner is actually spending at least a million dollars more than Quinn.

Bradley said that number didn’t include “nine employees that appear on the telephone directory that we can’t determine where they’re being paid from.” He also said it didn’t take into account “contractual employees that have been hired at very substantial sums of money.”

Bradley said he invited the governor to send a representative to today’s hearing, but no one showed. When pressed, Bradley said he did not have documentation which he could immediately provide to the committee. He also didn’t have any witnesses to testify on the claims.

However, House Democrats have since made that documentation available, and you can view that information here.

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