SPRINGFIELD (AP) — The impacts of a potential state government shutdown will be discussed at a Committee of the Whole in the Illinois House on Tuesday, Speaker Michael J. Madigan announced.

Madigan said the House acted in May to avoid any disruption of a wide range of core programs and services important to middle-class and struggling families. Those are the people he says who will be harmed by a shutdown.

Madigan says every House member is entitled to hear how the administration will determine which services will continue, allowing advocates to assess the impact of the governor’s shutdown and his agencies’ shutdown decisions and determine appropriate alternatives to his approach.

The Committee of the Whole will hear from advocates of the elderly in need of medical care, the developmentally disabled, and others who will be negatively affected if Gov. Bruce Rauner decides to shut down state government.

Madigan noted in May, the House passed a spending plan that included close to $300 million in cuts to state agencies. Each day that passes without action by the governor creates unnecessary disruption and anxiety in every region of the state.

He says they urge a balanced approach, one that includes spending reductions but avoids devastating critical services for middle-class families, compromise is possible if everyone is reasonable and willing to work together, but we cannot sacrifice medical care services for the elderly, disabled and struggling families, victims of child abuse and emergency shelters that serve children and families.

State agency directors will be invited to testify before the full House on their plans should a budget agreement not be reached by July 1, including how their agencies plan to handle casework, phone calls and other requests for assistance from those in need.

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