Sheriff says reward offered in new dognapping cases in Jefferson County

JEFFERSON COUNTY — Jefferson County Sheriff Travis Allen is reporting that his office is again receiving reports of dogs missing in his county, and the same vehicle noticed near previous missing dog cases has again been noticed.

In January the Sheriff’s Department reported they had received reports of approximately a dozen stolen dogs since December 10th.

They said the dognappers at that time were targeting the Scheller and Waltonville areas, with one witness seeing two females in a white Chevy Cobalt, calling for a neighbor’s dog. The dog jumped in and they drove away, never returning the pet.

This time the owners of the missing dogs stated it is the same small white car with two young females in it as the last time.
Allen notes this is the first report of dog abductions they’ve had in a long time. This resident is offering $1,000 cash for the arrest and conviction of the dog thieves.

Law enforcement recommends people keep an eye on their pets and look for any suspicious behavior and reporting any suspicious vehicles to the sheriff’s department.

Get a description of the vehicle and a license plate if you can, as the sheriff’s department is asking for the public’s help in solving the dog abductions.

All pet owners are urged to only post pictures of missing pets to social media, as the dognapper may be looking.

If you have any information about the missing dogs, you’re asked to please call the Sheriff’s Office at 618-244-8004.