House fails to pass temporary budget bill

SPRINGFIELD — A temporary budget solution made halting progress in the General Assembly Wednesday, the first day of the state’s fiscal year.

A Senate bill passed but cannot be heard in the House until at least next week. A House bill with the same language fell short of passage.

The bills would provide more than $2 billion in “essential services” spending in July.

State Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) said he is frustrated with Rauner’s lack of communication.“If he is not going to support this budget, he needs to tell us what he thinks is essential, what he thinks is important,” Kotowski told reporters before the Senate vote, “because the taxpayers in our district are telling us they want to see a budget in place, and they want key essential services funded.”

All this really is,” said State Sen. Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) in debate, “is effectively the first budget of the budget that you passed that was $4 billion out of balance last month.”

Rauner vetoed the Democrat-passed spending plan and indicated he would veto the one-month fix as well.

The House is not back for another week, the Senate for two weeks.

HB 4190 failed to pass the House, 67-1-32. It needed 71 Yes votes to pass.
SB 2040 passed the Senate, 37-0-11. It needed 36.