JEFFERSON COUNTY — A 19-year-old man is in the Jefferson County Jail, charged in connection with approximately 10 different burglaries in the county.

Matthew Reed (Source: JCSO)
Matthew Reed
(Source: JCSO)

According to Jefferson County Sheriff Travis Allen, deputies and detectives made a vital arrest in the capture of Matthew Reed, who they have connected to at least 10 different burglaries and possibly more as their investigation continues.

Reed was taken into custody at the hospital last week after being treated for chemical burns to his face that are suspected to be related to a methamphetamine lab explosion.

Reed is charged with multiple burglary charges as well as with manufacturing methamphetamine.
Reed is being held at the Jefferson County Jail, with bail set at $75,000.

Allen says Reed has been on a nearly year-long stealing spree in Jefferson County, with victims located all across the county, from Bonnie all the way out to Bluford.

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