MARION COUNTY — A 40-year-old former Centralia police officer pleaded guilty during a pretrial hearing last week to a charge of misdemeanor domestic battery that will ultimately prohibit him from holding another job in law enforcement.

Mason Jackson pleaded guilty to one of two domestic battery charges against him, admitting to the domestic battery of a then girlfriend who he has since married.

According to court documents, one count accused Jackson of pushing the woman during a March 2014 argument. The second count accused him of holding a handgun to her head and then pushing the gun into her mouth.

The second count was dropped as part of the plea agreement. However, per the agreement, Jackson must surrender his guns and forefiet his firearm owners identification card, which will prevent him from any future in law enforcement.

He was additionally sentenced to one-year probation and ordered to pay $932 in fines and court costs, as well as to complete a Men Challenging Violence Program and conate $100 to the organization People Against Violent Environments, or PAVE.

Following his arrest on the charges, Jackson and the City of Centralia reached an agreement on severance pay in exchange for his resignation from the police department.

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