MURPHYSBORO, Ill. — A 49-year-old Murphysboro man has died after swimming in Carbon Lake.

Duane Grammer was reported missing Saturday around noon, he was last seen around 11:30 p.m. Friday swimming in Carbon Lake.

Crews searched the water and surrounding area and located Grammer in the water.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says the preliminary cause of death is accidental drowning.

An autopsy is pending.

Grammer’s death comes days after a 55-year-old fisherman was found dead in Carlyle Lake.

Michael Ziemba, of Boulder, was found Wednesday, after his wife had reported him missing late Tuesday night when he failed to return from checking his trout lines.

On Sunday the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers closed all beaches at Carlyle Lake to to floodwaters.

Due to the water level, some breakwaters and facilities may have been overtopped by water and caution should be used when boating near these and other submerged structures.

Boaters are also reminded to use caution and watch for floating logs and other debris that may be present.

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