Illinois veterans can now get driver’s license/ID with “VETERAN” designation

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois veterans of the U.S. military are now able to get an updated driver’s license/ID card with the word, “VETERAN” displayed under the signature of the front of the card.


The program started July 1, and allows veterans who have received an Honorable or General under Honorable Conditions discharge to pursue the veteran’s designation on their driver’s license or ID card.

Secretary of State Jesse White says it will allow veterans in Illinois to help receive services or benefits including healthcare, education and employment assistance.

Veterans must obtain official certification from the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Persons can also visit the website

Once the certification has been received, a veteran can apply for the designation at any driver’s service facility in Illinois.

There is no additional cost for first-time driver’s license applicants or driver’s license renewals.  There is a $5 cost for an updated driver’s license. Veterans over 65 can obtain an updated state ID card at no cost.