SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Senate Wednesday approved a one-month emergency spending plan, a week after the House

(Credit: Henryk Sadura)
(Credit: Henryk Sadura)

endorsed it to try to keep “essential services” flowing.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has until Aug. 1 to decide what to do with the bill – although he has said he won’t sign it.
The finally tally was 39 in favor, with no one voting against it. Another 15 voted “present” and five senators did not vote.

It’s not clear if the House, which endorsed the bill last week, also has enough votes to override a veto.
A spokesman for House Speaker Michael Madigan said Wednesday: “I don’t do predictions — never have, won’t start now.”

The 15-day override clock ends Wednesday for both the Senate and the House.
With Democrats filling 39 of 59 seats in the Senate, the majority could likely gather the 36 votes needed for a three-fifths majority to override.

After the budget vote, the Senate quickly moved on to overriding Rauner vetoes of five other bills, dealing with the funding of various state agencies. All were successful, by mostly identical votes. The House now has 15 days to consider also voting to override those same vetoes.

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