Salem man pleads guilty to felony domestic battery

MARION COUNTY — After a felony charge against him was reduced last week to a misdemeanor, a 22-year-old Salem man

Xavier Goostree (Source: MCSO)
Xavier Goostree
(Source: MCSO)

pleaded guilty today in Marion County Court today to the remaining felony charge against him.

Xavier Goostree pleaded guilty today to a Class 2 felony charge of aggravated domestic battery including strangling, and was sentenced to 90 days in the Marion County Jail, with credit for time served since June 21, and day-for-day credit on the time remaining. He must also serve two years probation.

He was additionally ordered to pay $632 in fines and fees, complete Men Challenging Violence, drug and alcohol evaluations, including inpatient treatment, abstain from drugs and alcohol with testing and complete all counseling as directed.

Bail had remained set at quarter-of-a-million dollars for Goostree, after he was charged last month with beating his girlfriend, although one of the felony charges was reduced last week to a misdemeanor.

He was originally charged June 22, in Marion County Court with Class 2 felony aggravated domestic battery including strangling and Class 3 felony aggravated battery of a pregnant person, for the alleged incident at his Salem home. But the Class 3 felony charge was reduced Tuesday to misdemeanor domestic battery causing bodily harm. The misdemeanor charge was dismissed per the plea agreement.

According to police, they responded to a report of a pregnant woman at the Goostree home being badly beaten. After officers arrived, the woman reported that Goostree body slammed and tried to strangle her — both of which are aggravating factors – and that he allegedly threw her cellphone when she attempted to call police. She was taken to the Salem Township Hospital for treatment of injuries.