Crew rescues dog from Cameron basement 2 days after tornado

CAMERON, Ill. (AP) — A 6-year-old Pomeranian mix has been rescued from the basement of a western Illinois home after a tornado struck the area last week.

The dog, Bobo, was trapped in the blown-over home in Cameron for two days. Her owner, Cleighton Otten, says he was forced to leave Bobo because first responders wouldn’t let him in the home immediately after the storm.

He tells The (Galesburg) Register-Mail that he had to think of something that would encourage Bobo to respond so the crew knew where to dig.

Otten says he and the crew members yelled “pizza man” and Bobo eventually came out. He says they were able to put a leash on Bobo and pull her out of the wreckage.

Otten’s other dog, Nikki, was able to escape the home during the storm.